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Hiking Trips Romania

Hiking Trips Romania: What rules you should follow when you go to the mountains

Hiking Trips Romania – At first glance they seem like common sense rules, but you’d be surprised how many mountain lovers don’t follow them. Don’t do the same, because those who will come after you on the same route are coming to enjoy the splendour of the mountain at least as much as you do. Besides, don’t forget that the mountain is a challenge for you, even when you are experienced. Don’t underestimate it and take the necessary precautions. You can find a lot of interesting Hiking Trips Romania to choose from, but make sure you are very well prepared beforehand.

Don’t damage the markings, don’t litter the countryside

Hiking Trips Romania will probably take you to a lot of beautiful places, but please, try not to damage the area and leave litter behind you. Not for fear that someone will come and fine you afterwards, but thinking that a damaged marking can mislead the traveller, who won’t know which way to turn. Also, the beauty of the countryside depends on how people behave. If you can’t find rubbish bins, please use special bags. Camp only in specially designated places and leave a clean area behind you.

Watch out for protected plants and animals

Hiking Trips RomaniaIf you come across a columbine or other rarity, don’t snatch it. Think that the places where they grow would have no charm without them. Don’t take souvenirs unless you don’t disturb nature. If you visit caves, for example, don’t break stalagmites or stalactites. Remember that it took them millions of years to get into the shape you admire today. Enjoy your Hiking Trips Romania accordingly and protect nature as much as you can!

Dress appropriately and don’t venture on unmarked trails

If you choose to experience and explore different hiking trips Romania bare in mind that you will be exerting yourself physically, whether the route is easy or difficult. Therefore, don’t dress very thickly, but in layers, as this will ensure better insulation. Also, make sure you follow the trail you initially chose. Even if the temptation to venture on unmarked trails is great, you can easily get lost and you can’t always get help in time.

Always keep an eye on the weather – If the sun was shining when you set off, it doesn’t mean it will be with you all the way to your destination. You may be in for surprises on the mountain tops. Depending on this, you will have to make decisions: whether to turn back, stop or hurry to get to a safe place.

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